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We are a dynamic company that design and manufacture retail displays for your line of products to gain exposure in stores and maximize sales! With an efficient all in-house team we produce optimum displays from a creative assortment of materials available.

Serving many market leaders from a diverse range of industries we pride ourselves in being one of the largest display manufacturers nationally, capable of managing large display / in-store projects as well as smaller clients wishing to break into their respective markets. Our team is driven by our clients’ brands to convey the cutting edge in retail display to suit their requirements, specifications and budget.

Striving to develop long term relationships with our clients, offering them competitive pricing and giving exceptional service are but some of our core values.


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Who we are & what we do


Two areas we focus on are Permanent- and Semi-Permanent Displays. Depending on the campaign length, return on investment and product specifications, our clients can then decide what medium would work best for them (Steel Displays, Acrylic Units, Combination Units).

Some of these displays include Free Standing Units, Counter Units, Gondola Ends, Dump Bins, Baskets, Display Cabinets and Merchandisers.

In certain stores that our clients would want to maximise exposure for their brands / products we incorporate various items to create a strong brand presence. Making use of Store-in-a-store Concepts, Product Section Highlights and Cross Merchandising we get the required results.

Some of these items include Displays, Kiosks, Scaffolding, Posters, Snapper frames and Lighting. Our Shopfitting and in-store assembly divisions also fall in this category.

We manufacture and carry stock on most of our signature generic displays, one of these in particular is our registered design: The Econo-Range Displays (Perforated Panel Display). A typical unit would consist of 3 components; a base with levelers, the perforated panels and the header – they don’t require major assembly – you simply ‘slot’ them into one another.

They are versatile enough for almost any product, modular for easy assembly and logistics. Various sizes and accessories are available and you just have to pick a colour and send the artwork for us to complete the units.